• Please note that there are two pages in this section: one for West only faculty and one for District faculty that work at both East and West.

West Only Faculty

Photo of Robert Abouchar Robert Abouchar

Special Education & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3129 

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Photo of Michael Anderson Michael Anderson

Physical Education & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3136 

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Photo of Janine Asmus Janine Asmus

Student Supports & Librarian


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3162 

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Photo of Christopher Aylward Christopher Aylward

Mathematics & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3603 

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Photo of Joshua Bailey Joshua Bailey

Social Studies & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3143 

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Photo of Byron Benion Byron Benion

Physical Education & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3136 

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Photo of Valarie Berger Valarie Berger

Family & Consumer Sciences & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3133 

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Photo of Kimberly Berliner Kimberly Berliner

Special Education & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451- 

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Photo of Mark Bernstein Mark Bernstein

Special Education & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-LIFE: 847-451-2569 

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Photo of Thomas Bolan Thomas Bolan

Mathematics & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3155 

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Photo of Carolyn Browne Carolyn Browne

Social Studies & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3143 

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Photo of Gordan Budimirovic Gordan Budimirovic

English & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3167 

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Photo of Amy Burke Amy Burke

Mathematics & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3155 

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Photo of Barbara Bylinski Barbara Bylinski

Science & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3616 

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Photo of Joel Carrera Joel Carrera

English & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3167 

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Photo of Jeffrey Clarke Jeffrey Clarke

Industrial Tech & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3117 

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Photo of Amy Cobo Amy Cobo

Modern Languages & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3198 

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Photo of William Cordts William Cordts

Physical Education & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3136 

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Photo of Michael D'Acquisto Michael D'Acquisto

Science & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3159 

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Photo of Marianna DeFilippis Marianna DeFilippis

Special Education & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3129 

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Photo of Brent Dempsey Brent Dempsey

Social Studies & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3143 

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Photo of Frank Diebold Frank Diebold

Social Studies & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3143 

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Photo of Richard Drobny Richard Drobny

Modern Languages & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3198 

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Photo of Jill Ethridge Jill Ethridge

Special Education & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3129 

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Photo of Caroline Felix Caroline Felix

Art & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3119 

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