Activity Description

  • Art Club is a club anyone who is a student at Leyden can join.  We meet from 3-5p.m. so that we have the time to create a whole art project you can walk away with.  Most projects  change yearly, and we are open to suggestions for project ideas.  We have done projects that include paint, holiday crafts, and sculpture work.  Check the calendar, or contact Mrs. Felix with any questions or suggestions.

Melting crayons

How Do I Join?

  • If you would like to join the Art Club, please email me so that I can add you to my email list. I often shop for supplies the weekend before we meet, and will send out an email to members to see who will be attending so that I can buy the appropriate amount of supplies.

Meeting Times

  • We meet on Mondays that are listed in the club Calendar.  We meet from 3-5p.m. in the ceramics room (101)

Sponsor Information

  • Art Club Sponsor is Caroline Felix.  


    phone: 847-451-3119