• This is a highly selective group of 16-24 singers.  Membership is obtained through an audition given at the end of the school year.  The Chamber Singers perform a variety of music from 16th century madrigals to contemporary pop a cappella compositions.  Performances include curricular concerts, Annual Yuletide Dinner, Pasta Dinner and various community functions.

  • Sophomore - Seniors 

  • Meeting times for Chamber Singers varies.  Students are allowed to participate in other activities such as sports, theatre, clubs, etc. which causes Chamber Singers to have a fluid meeting time pending other conflicts.  Please check the Leyden Choral Calendar for all rehearsal times.  

  • Auditions are held in May of the previous school year. Watch the bulletin boards and daily student announcments for Audition notices.  


    Please CLICK HERE for more information about Chamber Singers.

  • Miss Cunningham


    847-451-3051 (AM)

    847-451-5746 (PM)