Over 200 students strong, Leyden’s Marching Band and Color Guard give performances for countless thousands each year.  Exciting performance tours have included Disney World, Cedar Point, and Washington, D.C.  

    For detailed information, please go to  www.leydenband.org

    Eligibility Requirements
    Everyone is welcome to participate in Color Guard. Our ladies include all students, and incoming freshmen are eligible!

    Selected summer evenings, schedule posted at

    Procedure For Joining
    Register for MUS151 (summer school course) beginning in the spring. 
    Students receive one semester of academic credit for successful participation in Color Guard.

    Any interested student should contact Mr. Miller or Ms. Kott

    Membership Limit
    Mr. Bryan Miller      bmiller@leyden212.org
    Ms. Abby Kott          akott@leyden212.org