• Leyden Sports Academy (LSA) is a student led program designed to welcome the incoming freshmen to Leyden High School.  For one week in the summer, upper classmen will introduce the incoming freshmen to all the athletic opportunities that Leyden has to offer.  LSA is a lot of fun and offers great opportunities for all people involved.


    Last day of LSA Morning Stretch

  • Leyden Sports Academy is open to all 8th grade students and incoming freshmen.  The camp is free of charge to anyone who wants to join.  


    Upper classmen wanting to help run LSA will need to complete this form.

  • Since LSA runs during the summer, there are not any meetings.  We will only need to meet before camp begins each day.

  • All upper classmen interested in helping run LSA should please complete this form.  I will then get in touch with you during mid May.

  • If you have any questions regarding LSA, please contact me at jrossetti@leyden212.org.  I can also be found in room 210 at the WEST Campus.