• Orchesis is a dance appreciation club and performing dance group focusing on various types of dance such as: modern, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, swing, salsa, bachata, waltz, and more. Practices consist of training in dance technique, learning about the history and evolution of dances, and rehearsal for upcoming performances. Another core focus of Orchesis is on learning and applying the elements of choreography. Dancers learn how to create dance pieces based on a theme using the elements of space, time and energy. 

    Orchesis is a district club, so it is open to both East and West students. No experience is required to attend, and you can show up to a meeting during the fall semester at any time! Wear comfy clothes you can easily move around in, and bring an extra pair of clean socks. 

    Meetings are Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:30 - 4:50 
    30 min Warm Up and Technique Drills
    45 min Dance Lesson 

    September - West Dance Studio
    Theme is learning dance technique and the foundations of choreography 

    October - East Dance Studio
    Theme is solo dances: charleston, modern, African, ballet, and solo jazz 

    November - West Dance Studio
    Theme is partner dances: swing, salsa, bachata, waltz 

    December - East Dance Studio 
    Auditions for the Spring Showcase 

    Use the calendar below for the up-to-date meeting schedule - time, location, and any cancelations. 


  • Lindsay Longstreth:
    Head Coach

    -Professional Swing Dance teacher, performer, and competitor for over 15 years

    -Danced and performed with the Berea College Modern Dance Troupe for 3 years (alma mater) 

    Jessica "JJ" Bernal:
    Assistant Coach

    - East Leyden Alum, danced and performed in Orchesis her senior year

    - Performed in Leyden Musicals for four years

    - Choreographs for Leyden Summer Musicals