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Enrollment FAQ

Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to create a separate PowerSchool Enrollment account?
    If you have never completed an online Enrollment form in PowerSchool Enrollment, you must first create a PowerSchool Enrollment account. This allows you to save your work and return at a later time if needed. You can use your email address or cell phone number to create a PowerSchool Enrollment account.. If you already have an account, you can sign in and complete the form. You should use the same account to complete forms for multiple students.
  • What is a Snapcode?
    A Snapcode acts like a key to unlock your student’s enrollment form. You will have a unique Snapcode for each student every year. Ensure you enter it exactly as it appears, with no spaces or punctuation.
  • Do I have to answer all the questions? 
    You must answer all the required questions - they will be indicated accordingly. If you are unsure how to answer a question, contact your designated Assistant Principal’s (AP) office.
    East: 847.451.2067 or 847.451.3025 or email or
    West: 847.451.3121 or 847.451.3148 or email: or 
  • What if I have more than one child in the district?
    You must do a separate enrollment form for each student since the information provided is specific to each student. On the submission page, after completing one enrollment form, you’ll have the opportunity to start another. 
  • Why can’t I click the Submit button at the end?
    If you cannot click the Submit button that means there are required questions that didn’t get answered.  Please review the forms and answer all of the required questions.
  • I’ve submitted. Now what?
    After submitting your Enrollment, the Assistant Principal’s Office will get a notification to review and approve your information.  After approval, your information will get moved from PowerShool Enrollment to the district’s official student information system.  During that process, any applicable fees will be created as invoices in MySchoolBucks.  If there are any problems with your information, you will be contacted by the Assistant Principal’s Office.
  • When can I pay?
    If you are required to pay, you may do so anytime after you receive the invoice in your email.  You may either pay online through your MySchoolBucks account or in-person in the Leyden bookstore.