Student Services Department Chair


Staff Ext. Students Specialty Area
Ms. Dawn Erickson 3073 Ci-Cz and Outplaced IEP Department Chairperson
Ms. Alicia Funes 3034 O,P and ELL (Hf-Z) Non-Traditional Grads/ NCAA/ Website Coordinator
Ms. Justyna Jablonska 3048 G,J,K,W,X,Y,Z Financial Aid/Scholarships Coordinator
Mr. Bill Mitchell 3026 E,S,T Course Selection Coordinator
Ms. Patricia Muldoon 3195 D,F,I,N,Q,V and PASS Program Testing Coordinator
Ms. Emilie Reynolds 3196 M and ELL (A-He) Peer Leader Coordinator
Ms. Christine Schulz 3046 A,B,L,U College Coordinator
Ms. Emily Wine 3055 Ca-Ch,H,R Career/Military Coordinator

Social Workers

Staff Ext. Specialty Area
Ms. Goins 3015 Regular Education/PASS Program
Mr. Martinez 3022 ELL/Life Program
Ms. Minus 2461 Special Education

Student Services Support Staff

Role Name Email Phone
Secretary Ms. Geri Dombrowski (847) 451-3033
Secretary Ms. Carina Alvarado (847) 451-3039
Registrar Mrs. Irene Knispel (847) 451-3079
Nurse Ms. Linda Mazzone (847) 451-3084
Nurse's Secretary Ms. Becki Peterson (847) 451-3633