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Student Services Department Chair


To know who your counselor is, please visit the Home Access Center.
Staff Ext. Email Specialty Area
Ms. Emily Alexenko 3055 EAlexenko@leyden212.org Career & Military Coordinator/ Sophomore Group Guidance
Ms. Dawn Erickson 3073 DErickson@leyden212.org Department Chairperson/ Freshmen Group Guidance/ NCAA
Mrs. Kato Gupta 3034 KGupta@leyden212.org College & Careers Coordinator / Sophomore Group Guidance
Ms. Justyna Jablonska 3048 JJablonska@leyden212.org Scholarship Coordinator/ Junior Group Guidance
Mr. Bill Mitchell 3026 BMitchell@leyden212.org Communication Coordinator/ Website/ Senior Group Guidance
Ms. Patti Muldoon 3195 PMuldoon@leyden212.org Financial Aid Coordinator/ Junior Group Guidance
Ms. Emilie Reynolds 3196 EReynolds@leyden212.org Peer Leader Coordinator/ Freshmen Group Guidance
Ms. Chris Schulz 3046 CSchulz@leyden212.org College Coordinator/ Senior Group Guidance

Social Workers

Staff Ext. Email Specialty Area
Mr. Martinez 3022 AMartinez@Leyden212.org Social Communication
Ms. Minus 2461 RMinus@Leyden212.org Special Education/PASS Program
Ms. Rivera 3015 MRivera@Leyden212.org Transition Center

Student Services Support Staff

Role Name Email Phone
Student Services Secretary Mrs. Rebeca Peña rpena@leyden212.org (847) 451-3033
Registrar Mrs. Jacki Schammert JSchammert@Leyden212.org (847) 451-3079 Fax: (847) 671-6824
Nurse Ms. Marlene Cuevas, RN MCuevas@Leyden212.org (847) 451-3084 Fax: (847) 451-3085
Nurse's Secretary Ms. Sandra Grande SGrande@leyden212.org (847) 451-3633 Fax: (847) 451-3085
Student Services Secretary Yiraliz Pena YPena@leyden212.org (847) 451-3039