West Leyden Construction Benefits

  • West Leyden Rendering

    The benefits of the project at West Leyden will include:

    • A building addition that will complement the existing footprint of the building.

    • Replace and enhance the original cafeteria to allow for three lunch periods where lunches can be served efficiently, students can enjoy a welcoming space and provide the opportunity for students to access more supports.

    • Expand the cafeteria space to include a versatile student commons area that is also connected to the courtyard. The commons area will be used during lunch periods and throughout the day, providing students with

    • A new, more spacious and student-centered library that will overlook the courtyard and be strategically located in the center of the student supports area.

    • Four new classrooms and four updated classrooms that will allow students to engage in interactive curriculum.

    • A coffee shop area (Javaccino) that will be fully integrated in the culinary pathway and will provide students with relevant and meaningful experiences.

    • An updated catering kitchen to support the Javaccino addition as well as the other classes in the culinary pathway.

    • Enhance safety with an updated PA system.