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One Amazing Story

One Amazing Story


One Amazing Story: Victor Pilolla

Our One Amazing Story series continues with Victor Pilolla, Leyden theater technical director.

A true artist of many media, Pilolla found his place here with the students at Leyden and ended up staying for his entire career. An engineer by trade, he paved his way through high school theater, leading state-wide conferences and productions, hundreds of shows, and now, on the brink of a world premiere debut with “Wave” later this month. Pilolla retires this year and has opened a fine art gallery in Hawaii.

“The students, and helping them connect with theater, is where my heart is - it’s why I do what I do and have been grateful every day that I get to come to Leyden and ‘play’,” said Pilolla.

His story showcases a love of students, passion for all art, and a non-traditional path that will inspire our community. Watch Video