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“Future Focus” events

Focus focus


Future Focus is a series of events that the team at Leyden created as a way to highlight many of the options available to students after high school. These post secondary pathways are broken down into four main categories: Military, Triton College (two-year colleges), the Trades, and Four-Year College. Each of the pathways will receive one dedicated week during the school year where students will learn about the options and engage in activities that further help them prepare for their futures.

  • Military: Week of October 31-November 4 (West); Week of November 7 - 11 (East)
  • Triton College: Week of December 5 - 9 (District)
  • Trades, Careers: Week of February 27 - March 3 (District)
  • Four-Year College: March 13 - 17 (District)

View our Focus Focus video series:

Future Focus - Military

Future Focus - Trades