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Free Virtual Tutoring

"Acer C7 Chromebook" by Ready Set Monday!!! is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Leyden will offer free virtual tutoring for students who need additional academic support beyond the hours of the school day (7:30-3:10).  Tutoring will be available for classes that are graduation requirements and provided by Leyden teachers.  

Students may request an appointment for virtual tutoring provided by Leyden teachers on a date and time that is convenient, including evenings and weekends. Parents may also request a tutoring session on behalf of their student.  Tutoring will be available for the subjects of English, Health, Math, Science, and Social Science.  

Students and parents should request appointments using the online forms found below.  These forms initiate communication and ensure a streamlined process.  The tutoring program coordinator will schedule tutoring sessions within 48 hours of the request. 

Students may click HERE to request tutoring for themselves.

Parents may Click HERE to request tutoring on behalf of their student.

Click HERE for the form in Spanish.

Check HERE for the form in Polish.