Jeffrey Sherwin

Mayor Sherwin

Mayor Jeffrey T. Sherwin
Class of 1971

Jeff Sherwin is currently in his third term as the Mayor of Northlake, Illinois . He is a life-long resident of Northlake and has a strong commitment to the community. As Mayor, he has improved and established many new parks for residents. With his help, the City now has a Senior Citizens Center. New sidewalks, streets and sewers have gone into many areas of the town, and much has been done to improve Northlake's infrastructure. Under his administration Centerpoint Preserve has also seen improvements. He has served on the Library Board and the Fire Protection District. He has worked tirelessly on education referendums for district 212, 83 and 87. He is also active with the Kiwanis Club and the Knights of Columbus.

Mayor Sherwin earned his Associates Degree from Triton College and then went on to Northeastern Illinois University to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. He then attained his law degree from Kent Law School .

His message to Leyden students: “Set a goal and work towards it. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish.”