Week of Sept. 2, 2019

Posted by Anabel Nieto Mentado on 8/30/2019 2:00:00 PM


If you would like to retake the SAT to use as your college admission test, please complete this form to able to take the exam at NO COST during the school day on Wednesday, October 16. Additional details about location, times, and, materials needed will be provided closer to October 16.

If you want to begin to prepare to retake the SAT you should visit the College Board website at www.collegeboard.com. Log in or create an account to see your score report from spring testing. Also, visit Khan Academy at https://www.khanacademy.org/sat to begin self-paced SAT prep.

Mark your calendars today:
September 10, 2019: “Planning & Paying for College” 6:30-7:30 p.m. @ East Leyden
This one hour program will include information on applying to both 2 and 4-year colleges, as well as detailed information regarding the financial aid process. This will be your first step in helping your son/daughter develop their postsecondary plan. We will see you there! 

October 9, 2019: “FAFSA Fest” 6:00 p.m. @ West Leyden
October 10, 2019: “FAFSA Fest” 6:00 p.m. @ East Leyden 
The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) opens to current senior families on October 1, 2019. If you need assistance, plan to attend FAFSA Fest where you will receive step-by-step help through the application. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Choose the evening and location that works best for you.


Freshmen are participating in their first Group Guidance lesson this week. The objectives of the lesson are for students to understand the purpose of Group Guidance and identify the following three actions that will lead to a successful freshman year: Be Here, Do Your Best, Get Involved! Remind your freshman to find "purpose" in everything they do here at Leyden because everything done to the best of their ability will lead to having OPTIONS senior year!