Jessica Addante, West Leyden Graduate (2009)

Posted by Michael Haworth on 10/1/2021 7:00:00 AM

Jessica AddanteWhat business or tech classes did you take?
Accounting (a few classes), Consumer Ed, Sports & Entertainment Marketing, Networking, Computer Repair, Entrepreneurship

What extracurricular activities were you involved in?
Future Business Leaders of America, Accounting Club

What degree did you get in college?

Where did you attend college?
Northeastern Illinois University

Who do you work for?
Genesis Financial Solutions

What is your job title?
Staff Accountant

What do you do in your current position?
I work in accounts payable processing / adjusting invoices, verify vendors are paid on time, verify (or reject) checks through Positive Pay on Wells Fargo, process book transfers and ACH’s,  book the monthly bank fee, book monthly AMEX and AP accruals, run our inter company account to make sure it’s zeroed out (debits equal credits!), and other journal entries as needed

What do you like about your current position?
I work 100% from home! My company is based in Oregon, so yearly I will get to fly to Oregon for a week (paid for!) and see my coworkers. I love that I’m split up between AP and cash, it helps make my job less boring (ha!)

What advice do you have for current high school students?
Pay attention! These teachers are excellent and make a long term impact on their students. The reason I went into accounting is because of Leyden business teachers. I can still remember Mr. P telling us not to call him Steve from Blue’s Clues on my first day in keyboarding class… and it made me want to take every class he taught! Interested in Accounting? I’ve taken 15+ accounting classes to date and not one teacher / professor comes close to the knowledge, understanding, and passion that Mr. Haworth has! So… Take every class you can :) The business world isn’t going anywhere… there will always be a job for you!

What else do you want Leyden students to know?
I didn’t enjoy high school very much… I can’t tell you many classes I took other than the business classes I was in. That’s how special this department is. I graduated early because I was pregnant in High School and wanted to get a jump start at Triton to not become a “teen mom” statistic… It may have taken me longer than I wanted it to, but I am finally where I’ve always wanted to be. I can’t think of Mr. P and Mr. Haworth without smiling and being extremely thankful for them for setting me up for lifelong success in my career. THANK YOU! I now get to work from home and not have my kids in daycare… it’s a dream come true for me.