Garrett Lee, West Leyden Graduate (2008)

Posted by Michael Haworth on 2/11/2022 7:00:00 AM

Garret LeeWhat business or tech classes did you take?
Keyboarding, Office Applications, Networking, Computer Science AP, Economics

What degree did you get in college?
B.A. Economics

Where did you attend college?
Northern Illinois University

Who do you work for?
General Dynamics IT contractor for NCIS

What is your job title?
Field Computer Specialist

What do you do in your current position?
Manage 16 sites with 50+ users. Frontline support for any outages, issues, requests, special requirements supporting Special Agents in the central US. Responsibilities include Active Directory account management, network infrastructure, briefing leadership, Cisco device management, laptop/desktop/zero client/mobile device issuance and support.

What do you like about your current position?
About 20% travel when necessary to remote sites from Minneapolis to Houston. I manage my own hours and days - more project based. My management is very hands off as long as your assigned Field Office Leadership is satisfied. Great feedback from a good community. I get an inside peek at Federal Law Enforcement happenings.

What advice do you have for current high school students?
Explore as many facets of current tech as possible to find what you may have a stronger interest in. I thought I would need to be able to write code to be successful in this career path, but I was very mistaken. I have taken a liking to networking and cyber security. "If you don't use it, you lose it" - if you learn something, be sure to keep up on any industry news or developments to stay current. Cloud computing and Security will always be relevant.

What else do you want Leyden students to know?
Take those calculated chances. I joined the Navy with little direction after attending college, but I made the absolute most of my military career. I squeezed every single IT training course offered by the Navy and directly led to my current civilian job. Be motivated to improve yourself, whether that be health or career or education. You have to make the change to improve your life.
"Complacency is a killer"