Carolina Duarte, West Leyden Graduate (2008)

Posted by Michael Haworth on 5/2/2019 8:00:00 AM

Carolina DuarteWhat business courses did you take in high school?
Introduction to Accounting and Advanced Accounting

What sports or activities were you involved with at Leyden?
Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, L Club, Spanish Honor Society, and Band

What is your undergraduate degree in?
Bachelors of Science in Finance

What college did you attend for your undergraduate degree?
University of Illinois at Chicago

What is the current company you work for?
Northern Trust

What is your job title?
Senior Fund Accountant

Please describe what you do on a daily basis at work.
I calculate and deliver net asset values for various fund products on the 3rd party unregistered team on daily basis. I deal with different types of assets such as bonds, equities, futures, currency contracts, etc. Performing data for individual manager portfolio by processing and reconciling on our accounting systems. Review transactions, perform maintenance on assigned accounts, checking and correcting discrepancies. Audit investment reports, cash statements, and supplemental reporting to verify data is posted correctly. Ensuring reports sent to client are accurate and sent within scheduled timeframes. Run daily valuation audits, investigate and resolve cash/position exceptions.

What do you like about your current position?
I really love that i get to see so many different types of assets that exist in the investing world. Seeing so many different funds and clients that each have their own strategy.

What advice to you have for current high school students at Leyden?
Definitely take advantage of the Business classes that Leyden has to offer. It's a good way to explore different options before deciding what you really want to do. The teachers there are amazing and helpful.

What other information would you like to share with Leyden students?
Take school seriously, take as many classes as you can, and challenge yourself. Leyden is a wonderful school to prepare you for college and life. They have great teachers and you will learn a lot from each one of them. Any advice the teachers give you take that advice because it will come up later in life. Lastly, make sure you network, it's very helpful to talk to others that have different job backgrounds. It's helpful on deciding what you what to do.